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At KAuthenticEvents, we offer competitive pricing for our event venues
to fit a range of budgets. We understand that every event is unique,

which is why we offer customizable packages to suit your specific

needs. Our pricing varies based on the size of t
he venue, the length of
the event, and any additional services you may require, such as

catering and audiovisual equipment. Our team is committed to

transparency, and we will work with you to provide a detailed

breakdown of all costs associated with your e
vent. Our goal is to
provide exceptional value for our clients while ensuring a seamless and

free event planning experience.

Venue Only Pricing

Venue Rental Rate- $150 Per Hour (Plus Tax)
*Security Deposit of half the hourly venue rate required

Hour Requirements
Monday to Thursday -2 hours
Friday – Sunday – 4 Hour

No Event Past 2 am

Venue Only Price Includes
Round Tables (UP To 6)
Rectangular Tables (UP to 4)
Folding Chairs (Up to 50)


Add-Ons Offered

(Multiple Colors Just need to know ahead of time)

Tableware Package($3 Per Person)-Dinner Plates, Cake or Appetizer Plates, Water Goblets,
Wine Glasses, Silver Flatware, Plate Chargers And Napkins

Chiavari Chairs-White/Crystal ($5) Gold($6.50)
Folding Chairs- $2
Chair Covers-$1(Multiple Colors)
Hightop Tables-$9
36’ Square Tables-$7
Bar Stools-$12
Chafing pans-$18
Throne Chairs-$200
Set-up Breakdown-$300
Server – $100(4hrs & 25.00 extra Per Hour)
DJ- $400 (4 Hours & $100 extra per Hour )
TableCloths- $10
Catering- Ask For Pricing

Dinner Plates- $1
Cake/Appetizer Plates- .75 each
Soup Bowls- $1
Wine Glasses – $1
Silver Flatware Set – $2
Gold Flatware – $3
Plate Chargers – $1.50
Cake Stand – $12
Juice Dispensers – $10 Each
Serving Utensils – $1 Each
Easel (Small) – $10 (large) -$13
Sequin TableCloth – $25
Sequin TableRunners – $15
Dj Screen – $40

Our Customizable Event Packages

At K-Authentic-Events, we offer customizable event packages tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Bronze Package- $1200 (Value of $3000)

$1200 / Event
  • 6 Hour Rental
  • 50 Chivari Chairs, Tables
  • TableCloth
  • Charger Plates

Bronze Package- $2200 (Value of $3000)

$2200 / Event
  • 8 Hours Of Venue Renta
  • 50 Gold Chiavari Chairs, White, Crystal, or Regular Folding Chairs
  • 1 Pipe and Drape BackDrop
  • High Top Tables (Up to 4)
  • Fridge
  • In House Tablecloth (No Sequin) (Up to 10)
  • In House Tableware and Napkins(Up to 50 Guest)
  • 1 Cake Stand, 2 Food Rise and 4 Dessert Platters
  • Chafing Pans with Serving Utensils ( Up to 5)
  • Set up and BreakDown
  • Catering Package (Additional $20 Per Person)

Silver Package- $1800 (Value of $2600)

$1800 / Event
  • 6 Hours Of Venue Rental
  • 50 Gold Chiavari Chairs, White, Crystal, or Regular Folding Chairs($5 dollars more per chair)
  • Tables
  • 1 Pipe and Drape BackDrop
  • High Top Tables (Up to 4)
  • Tablecloths/Linens (Ivory/Black) More Colors Available
  • Table Runners
  • 1 Cake Stand
  • Set up and BreakDown
  • Charger Plates
  • Speakers
  • Up Lighting
  • Center Piece

Silver Package- $3500 (Value of $4300)

$3500 / Event
  • All Items in the Bronze Package
  • Additional Backdrop or 2 Marquis Numbers
  • 2 Additional High Top Tables
  • LowTop Tables (Up to 3)
  • Sequin Tablecloth (Up to 2)
  • Outsource Tableware Including Napkins
  • Additional Dessert Platter & 2 Easels (Lg & Sm)
  • 1 Additional Chafing Pan with Serving Utensils
  • 1 Additional Juice Dispenser
  • Dj (Up to 4 Hours)

Gold Package- $2400 (Value of $3200)

$2400 / Event
  • All Items from the Silver Package
  • 2 Marquis Numbers
  • 2 Additional High Top Tables
  • Throne Chairs King/Queen
  • Balloon Arch
  • 30 Additional Chairs if needed

Gold Package- $4500 (Value of $5300)

$4500 / Event
  • All Item Included In Silver Package
  • Balloons ($250 Allowance)
  • 3 Additional HighTop Tables
  • 1 Additional Sequin Tablecloth
  • Outsourced Tableware Including Napkins ($150 Allowance)
  • UpLighting (Up to 4)
  • 2 Additional Cake Stands And Dessert Platters
  • 1 Additional Chafing Pan with Serving Utensils
  • Photographer (3 Hours)
Any Additional Items Are added to Price.

Payment Schedule

You will need to deposit a 50% initial retainer of the venue rental fee solely
to reserve your date. This retainer will be deducted from the total you are
billed. We accept all types of payment for the initial retainer, which is nonrefundable and can be applied to a one-time date change up to a
year after the original event.

Food And Beverages

If you choose in-house catering, a total estimate cost for your event will be
provided depending on the anticipated guest count. All food and beverage
costs are increased by services fees and a 6% sales tax.

Alcohol Service

Person needs a license or someone with a license in order to sell alcohol
within the event venue

Please Take Into Account The Following

After your event, all decorations that customers or merchants brought in
must be taken down.
It is not acceptable to use balloons, confetti, or any other kind of confetti at
all. The tenant acknowledges that any damage to the property caused by
the tenant, a visitor, independent contractors, other agents, or anything
else under the tenant’s control will be their responsibility.

Under Georgia‘s law, there is no liability for an injury, or death of an
individual enter in these premises. (K Authentic Event Venue)

Package Price: $150

Price Per Hour: Call Now

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